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How Perio Protect Helps You Take Control of Your Oral Health

Last updated 3 years ago

Most individuals in America are living with some form of gum disease. If periodontal (gum) disease is allowed to flourish, then it can eventually lead to serious oral health repercussions ranging from bleeding and receding gums to tooth loss. Thankfully, recent technology allows for dentists to treat gum disease with a groundbreaking noninvasive treatment called Perio Protect®. Read more about how Perio Protect helps you maintain your oral health in this treatment overview:

Perio Protect Components

Unlike traditional cleaning procedures like scaling and root planning, the Perio Protect Method is a non-invasive technique that helps patients manage the biofilms, or communities of bacteria, that grow between the gums and teeth. The Method includes an customized prescription tray that fits over the tooth and part of the gums. These trays are filled with prescribed solutions that keep the chemicals and antimicrobial medication below the gum line for the allotted treatment time.

Perio Protect and Oral Health

The Perio Protect Method combines a chemical debriding therapy and traditional mechanical debriding procedures. Dentists choose the appropriate solution depending on the severity of your situation. Often the solutions include oxidizing and oxygenating agents that debride or chemically remove the biofilm and clean the oral wounds. This alters the pocket’s microbiological environment and prevents further biofilm growth and gum disease.

Perio Protect Experience

Many patients using the Perio Protect Method only wear the trays for a few minutes each day. Highly effective, the trays are comfortable and easy to use. As the healing continues, patients may change how frequently and how long they wear their trays. Not only does Perio Protect treat gum disease, it also often whitens teeth and freshens breath.

General Wellbeing

Recent research increasingly verifies an association between periodontal disease and systemic conditions. Infections in the mouth and inflammation can lead to chronic conditions elsewhere in your body. Periodontal disease is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory illness, and preterm birth. Treating your gum disease with Perio Protect not only controls your oral health, but your overall general health.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of gum disease, then discuss your treatment options with the professional dental staff at Studio B Smiles. We treat our Scottsdale patients with a variety of general and cosmetic dentistry solutions, including veneers and Invisalign. Call (480) 860-0092 and visit us online for more information about our dental services.


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