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Invisalign: The Clear Choice for Adults

Invisalign for Adults

Bad teeth could have a negative impact on your self-esteem. With new advancements in teeth-straightening technology, anyone at any age can improve the look and feel of his or her smile. If you are struggling with crooked or crowded teeth, Invisalign provides an effective and convenient way to get a smile you love. Keep reading to find out how:

Invisalign Aligners are Practically Invisible
It might be embarrassing to wear clunky metal braces as an adult. If you want to get straighter teeth but do not want everyone else to know you are doing it, Invisalign could be the right solution for you. Since the Invisalign aligners are practically invisible, you can go through the entire teeth-straightening process without anyone even knowing that you are doing it.

Invisalign Aligners are Easy to Remove
Another major benefit of opting for Invisalign is the fact that the aligners are easy to remove. This means that you can continue to brush and floss your teeth on a daily basis. You can even remove the aligners when you eat so you do not have to avoid your favorite foods throughout the treatment process.

Invisalign Aligners Offer Real Results
When you first visit your cosmetic dentist to get fitted for your aligners, he or she will create a treatment plan that helps you get the smile you want. Every few weeks, you will get a new set of aligners that gradually shift your teeth into their correct position. At the end of the treatment, you will have straight, beautiful teeth and a smile that you will actually want to show the world.

If you are interested in Invisalign, Studio B Smiles is here to help. With some of the best cosmetic dentists in the Scottsdale area, we make it easy to get the treatments you need to improve the look of your entire smile. To learn more about our treatments or to schedule your next appointment, visit us online or call (480) 860-0092 .

Should Veneers Be Part of Your Smile Makeover?

Veneers in Phoenix

Cosmetic dentistry in Scottsdale may refer to a range of procedures that are designed to improve an individual's appearance, starting with his or her smile. Porcelain veneers tend to be a popular choice, especially when teeth are chipped, worn, or discolored. Keep reading if you are wondering if veneers should be a part of your smile makeover.

Veneers seek to restore the appearance of teeth that have been cracked, broken, or otherwise damaged or stained by covering the natural tooth with a porcelain shell that replicates your normal teeth. This procedure is typically applied to the more visible teeth, although it can provide some functional rejuvenation in addition to its aesthetic appeal. Veneers may be a great choice if your teeth are stained from drinking coffee or frequently eating certain types of berries.

When you meet with your cosmetic dentist, you can take the first step towards your own custom veneers,
which are made to closely replicate your natural teeth; this makes them undetectable to other people. The porcelain that is often used to form veneers is also resistant to staining, and it does not tend to cause problems with your gum tissue. If you were to fall down and chip a tooth or suffer some sort of trauma to the mouth, veneers are often viable aesthetic solutions to broken teeth.

You must first meet with your dentist to find out if veneers are right for you. If they are, your dentist will examine your teeth and shave down a small amount of those that will receive veneers. After receiving a model of your teeth, a dental lab will construct your veneers. On your next trip to the dentist, the veneers will be touched up and bonded to your teeth.

Are you still wondering if veneers should be a part of your smile makeover? Contact Studio B Smiles or visit our website. Our practice is determined to provide the highest quality veneers possible in Scottsdale. Call us at (480) 860-0092 or stop by and see us if you would like to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry procedures.

What Adults Need to Know About Braces

Adult Braces in Phoenix

Traditionally, braces have been considered orthodontic treatments available only for children and teenagers. However, an increasing number of adults today have been opting for cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. Technology in this field has advanced a lot since the days of conspicuous metal contraptions. If you need to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth, a much wider range of options is available than ever before. By consulting a cosmetic dentistry practice, you can discover more about adult orthodontics in Scottsdale and find out whether braces are appropriate for you.

Aesthetic Benefits
A stunning smile is a vital asset that can help you make a great first impression in both social and professional contexts. Crooked teeth may cause you to feel self-conscious about your smile and negatively affect your confidence. If you work in an area in which appearance or self-presentation is important, this can put you at a serious disadvantage. Luckily, your teeth can be straightened at any age. A smile makeover by a professional dentist can help you look and feel your best.

Health Benefits
Misaligned teeth can also cause a number of dental health problems. If teeth are not properly aligned, food can get trapped between them, causing a gradual build-up of plaque. In addition, crooked teeth can be more difficult to clean effectively. The resulting poor dental hygiene can lead to periodontal disease. Teeth may also need to be realigned in order to allow a dentist to insert dental implants if teeth are lost to disease.

Available Options
There is a wide choice of orthodontics available, depending on your treatment needs and lifestyle. Braces can work with all kinds of teeth, including those with crowns or fillings. Clear braces can be a more attractive option than metal brackets. Invisalign orthodontic aligners can also be a great alternative to traditional braces for some patients. A comfortable and discreet option, Invisalign is often more economical than conventional orthodontic treatments. However, metal braces can be more effective for some patients, depending on how much realignment your teeth require. Consult your dentist to discover which option is best for you.

Here at Studio B Smiles in Scottsdale, we provide a range of adult orthodontic services. To find out more about whether braces can improve your appearance and dental health, visit our website or call us at (480) 860-0092.

The Risks of Tobacco Use

Smoking cigarettes and using other tobacco products are bad habits that have a negative effect on your overall oral health. The tar in nicotine stains your teeth, leads to bad breath, and might cause gingivitis, leukoplakia, or oral cancer.

Gingivitis is the first stage of periodontal disease and, without proper treatment, might eventually lead to tooth loss. Leukoplakia is a condition that causes white patches on the gums, the tongue, or the cheek, and might develop into oral cancer. Other symptoms of oral cancer include numbness or trouble chewing or speaking. Check out this video to learn more.

At Studio B Smiles, we want you to have healthy, beautiful teeth. Our cosmetic dentists are here to ensure you get the best oral care. To learn more, call (480) 860-0092 .

Solving Numbness Problems with OraVerse

Solving Numbness Problems with OraVerse

Most dentists use some kind of numbing agent before a procedure to minimize the pain and discomfort for the patient. The numbness does not always disappear once the procedure is done, though. If you do not like the lasting numb feeling, you should talk to your dentist about OraVerse and how it can help you restore feeling to your mouth:

The First Product to Reverse Numbing
OraVerse is a revolutionary oral gel that can actually reverse the effects of a numbing agent. When your dentist uses OraVerse, the numbness wears off in about half the time that it would in normal circumstances. This means that you can eat, talk, and smile as you normally would without numb teeth affecting your ability to use your mouth. Decreasing the length of the numbness in your mouth helps you return to your normal activities in less time.

Safe for Everyone
OraVerse has been successfully tested in children, adolescents, and adults. Any patient can ask their cosmetic dentist for some OraVerse to minimize the length of time for which they have to deal with lingering numbness. If you are planning to get a general or a cosmetic procedure, you should talk to your dentist about OraVerse.

A Way to Prevent Unnecessary Biting
When someone is dealing with a numb mouth, he or she might unknowingly bite the lip or the inside of the cheek and cause a serious injury. If you use OraVerse, though, you do not have to worry about this issue. Using this product helps you avoid issues that might extend the healing process.

Whether you need veneers or a simple teeth whitening treatment, Studio B Smiles is here for you. As one of the best offices for cosmetic dentistry in Phoenix and Scottsdale, we provide the services you need to get the best results. To learn more about OraVerse or to schedule your next appointment, visit us online or call (480) 860-0092 .

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